DeSalite Publications

St Francis de Sales College (SFSC), Aalo, established in 2007, approved by UGC, affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi central University (RGU),Doimukh and accredited by NAAC, is an ISO Certified Multidisciplinary Graduate College in the township of Aalo, Arunachal Pradesh, India. It follows NEP 2020 Four Year Under Graduate Programme (FYUG) in Humanities and Commerce. The college has a number of publications to its acclaim. All its associates and stakeholders are addressed by the common name ‘DeSalites’, derived from the name of St Francis de Sales, its patron saint. 

‘DeSalite Publications’ is devoted to the promotion of critical reflection, candid debate and delightful expressions of perspectives, deliberations, ideas, and viewpoints in the interdisciplinary fields of Human Sciences and commerce. 
DeSalite Publications are of three types: Books (ISBN), Journals (ISSN), and Magazines & Newsletters. 

Its publication is titled as MELIORA with further extensions. Meliora means ever better, or for the pursuit of the better. Hence Meliora as the title signifies the goal of the college: ‘Being in pursuit of bettering itself in learning, thinking and expressing thejournal is titled Meliora: Interdisciplinary Journal of SFSC (ISSN-Online & Offline) while its seminar proceedings are published under the title MELIORA: Seminar Proceedings.... (ISBN).

Meliora, (MEH-lee-OR-ah), as an adjective means ‘better/ever better’ and as a noun means ‘always better; or for the pursuit of the better’. Hence the title MELIORA signifies the goal of the college: ‘Being in pursuit of bettering itself in learning, thinking and expressing.

The Vision of these publications is‘Formation of intellectually enlightened and scientifically tempered generation of youth by encouraging innovative academic investigation and its publication’.

Its Mission is ‘to provide a platform for intellectuals, researchers and educators to publish their original academic works, learnings and findings in Humanities and Social Sciences, for the benefit of the general public as well as learners’ community. It accepts academically excellent and significant empirical studies, conceptual papers, essays, philosophical and theoretical discourses in disciplines such as Anthropology, Development Studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Law, Language and Linguistics, Library and Information Science, Political science, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology and other related areas.

Its Motto: is to disseminate quality information and knowledge that enable its readers to form scientific temperament and intellectual foundation.